Some generous and lovely folks have been appreciative enough to take time from their lives to send me feedback. Here are some of those.

"My psychological astrology reading with Gary was life-changing for me.  I've been "into" astrology for about 40 years and thought of it as a guiding personality tool for myself and others, but didn't really make the connection to the psychological aspect of it. Gary revealed this for me and that has me assessing and accepting myself in meaningful ways I never have before.  Gary has a way of explaining the key insights from your birth chart in ways that relate to everyday life so you can "get it." The laminate birth chart that I purchased also reflects his talent as an artist and brings my birth chart to life! As an aside, his insights and artistic talent are also reflected in his photography and affirmations. He is truly a gifted thinker and teacher. I am thankful that our paths crossed.  -Allison L.  6/19/20"

Gary has the kind of brain that gets very excited moving possibility into a path of clear action. His many talents are cleverly funneled through his love of Astrology to help chart the way forward when dealing with any number of life's issues. You can expect meticulous data, beautiful presentation, and insightful communication.

Having had a CHAT by Gary proved to be a very informative experience.  He was very knowledgeable and detailed.  We spoke about my astrological chart, starting with the basics.  He went over my Sun sign, ascendant and also provided some valuable information about my moon placement.  He described the qualities and characteristics of all my house placements in a way that was relatable and practical.  We discussed some of the main aspects of my chart where I am encouraged to allow for my natural attributes and perspective to flow.  We also discussed placements where I am encouraged to "stop/Look and learn" instead of going with my impulse.  What I very much enjoyed learning from Gary were "my style of putting myself out to the world " and "what's inside of me/ what kind of person am I anyway?".  He shared some very valuable and in-depth information about the way I operate in the world in terms of the energy signature I bring into everything I feel, think and do.   I highly recommend getting an Astrological Big Chart (ABC) - now called Energy Signature Birth Charts and CHAT by Gary.  He provided me with invaluable knowledge that I can put to good use in my life. - Carolina Horning

I have known Gary for many years. The color charts are beautiful to look at and one can immediately engage with what one senses to be true about his/her personality through the gestalt of the chart. Gary also gives general, informed, guided commentary to the charts that is very helpful and allows for individual expression and interaction. - Lauren Kearns

I have known Gary for more years than I have known most folks. He has been my friend and wise counsel for most of those years. He has helped me to approach, identify, and heal patterns, experiences, and hurdles in my life. Gary has given me more courage and understanding of my reactions and motivations by sharing his voice of universal possibilities, and providing me with a greater understanding of why I approach life the way I do. I believe that anyone for any reason would benefit from allowing him to interpret their astrological character and to open up one's understanding of it's influence. Beautiful chart, and a voice that will continue to speak to you along your journey. Great opportunity! - Holly Longman

I do highly recommend Chat sessions as he is enormously skilled and talented at guidance through questions, without judgment. He assists in helping one find their individual and personal solution. Rather than being prescriptive, one can access their own inner wisdom, with his helpful hand and support. -anonymous

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