Personal Power I - Identification

Personal Power I - Identification


Congratulations, you're ready to receive insight from your natal chart. Remember knowledge = power. We here to give you knowledge about yourself.

Here is what you get:

I do an analysis of your birth chart to identify and describe for you - your personal powers and where in life your personal power flows most easily.

After I have prepared my notes from my analysis of your chart for your personal power, we arrange your 20 minute CHAT session to be done via phone or zoom/video chat. 20 minutes is the allotted time for this CHAT session. During this session I will verbally go over what I see are your personal powers. I will email you a file (txt or pdf) prior or while we are on the call for you to reference. Just to clarify, this file is brief and usually 1 page. Finally I take any questions or clarification requests you have. You will have plenty to think or feel about, and to be excited about.

After I get your order, it will take me from a couple of hours to a few days to do the analysis. Your order will fit behind whatever orders may be in front of it - which is an unknown until your order actually exists. I expect in most cases you will not have to wait more than a few days. You should get a confirmation of your order from bigcartel (eCommerce site we use). Then next step is my analysis and when I am done I will email you to set up the session.

It is my experience you do not need to “believe” in Astrology to benefit from this exploration. I use Astrology, which is amazing, to inform Psychological principals and human potential concepts. And if you do “believe” in Astrology, you know to listen and try out what you discover from this in your life. For all of you - as you become conscious of your personal powers, you will begin to use them!

To do any chart, we need your complete birth information: full name, place, time and date, preferably from your birth certificate or Mother or someone attending your birth who knows what time you arrived and took your first breath.

>>Your full name, birth date, time and place of birth. Accuracy does matter, refer to birth certificate and anyone present at your birth. Your first breath time is preferred for the TIME of birth.

Please email information to [email protected] or use CONTACT box under INFO menu at top of webpage and that get information to us.

>>Your contact information - email and phone # would be good.
>>Any preferences you have as to when you like your 20 minutes of direct contact time. What days if that matters and what parts of the day/time of day.

In this world today, having an awareness of what personal power any of us may have HAS to be useful considering the forces in society today attempting to suppress opportunities and freedoms. Even as dark as what I just said sounds, there are forces gathering to unite those of us that are ready to stand up for equality, fairness and to be seen and heard!

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