Color Palette-2 COMPREHENSIVE ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + 15 minutes CHAT TIME.

Color Palette-2 COMPREHENSIVE ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + 15 minutes CHAT TIME.

$149.99 - $224.99

Questions? [email protected] or text me at (323) 863-3633.

This version is the COMPREHENSIVE and only comes in 16”x20” or Pdf/Jpg. You may request a complimentary jpg or pdf file of the chart at no additional charge if you acquire the print version. It is the most time consuming to create, and is awesome. Check it out, please. This version is best suited for someone that likes having multiple key features of their own natal chart easily identified. For a list of key features and other very useful information, go to the top of this page, mouse over INFO/ and click on > More info on Energy Signature Birth Charts.

In Astrology, YOUR BIRTH CHART IS THE FOUNDATION FOR EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS! Having a well thought out, informative, energy/color attuned, visually rich birth chart is an invaluable tool and delightful to have displayed well.

More or Color Palette 1 and 2 here:

*Enhancing your connection and understanding: The colors used in all 3 versions of these charts enhances your connection to and understanding of the essence of a particular astrological sign in a more intuitive and memorable way. Color shows us as it is a visual representation of energy and emotion, which helps your understanding viscerally.

*Conveying Emotion: Color has a powerful effect on our emotions and can help convey the mood, personality, and energies associated with each astrological sign.

*Providing Clarity: Using color to represent each astrological sign can provide clarity and consistency in the interpretation of astrological birth charts. This can help people quickly identify which signs are present in their chart and understand their energies more easily.

*Encouraging Interpretation: By using color to represent the energy of an astrological sign, you are encouraged to engage with the meaning of your chart in a more imaginative and creative way. Color can help bring the energy of each sign to life and evoke an emotional response.

*Building a Shared Understanding: By using a consistent system of color representation, we are helping build a shared understanding of astrological meanings across different cultures and communities. This can help make astrology more accessible and relevant to a wider audience (like your friends who don’t see the fun and value).

>>Quick Start Guide,
>>3 pages of Astrological associations and concepts,
>>a 4-page guide to individual self-interpretation of your energy signature and
>>a basic ~8-page (# of pages varies from person to person) interpretation of your chart EMAILED to you, or by request printed.
>>Free 15 minute discussion via phone or email for you to “ask questions” that can be addressed within the time frame. This time is for you to be able to ask about your Energy Signature chart, and for you to have an opportunity to ask any other short questions. Email me to arrange, as this will be yours to choose to use.

I suggest you plan for your natal ES-Comprehensive chart to be hanging (on a wall) and easily viewed and where anyone you desire to “know” you more can also see it. This is a great way to connect with others. Remember this chart, through color, emphasize your ASTROLOGICAL TRIPLET (SunMoonRising), and much more.

Your unique chart, is a guide for insight and knowledge about What and Where your Personal Power resides. What gets in the way, what flows? The Energy Signature serves to ground you in your Personal Power! I think of these charts like a personal Talisman! People share about themselves through the charts, which are an excellent vehicle for personal sharing.

Currently we offer free shipping. Shipping costs range ~$9 for print only and ~$25 to $30 for Stand-out version (continental USA).

At the top of this page, mouse over INFO/ and click on > More info on COMPREHENSIVE Energy Signature Charts. That is a link takes you to a new page with further details and information on this chart.

Please continue scrolling to the bottom of this page to view more images of charts!

Four Options +1:
* #1: Best Display: Matte paper coated with Premier Print Shield and mounted on 3/4”x16”x20” Gatorboard / Stand-out, with brushed aluminum edges. It is beautiful and very light weight. Absolutely no reflections to deal with! $199.99

* #2: Best Print Price: Matte paper cut at 15.99”x 19.99” for installing in your own frame sized for 16” x 20” print/poster. Inexpensive frames can be found widely with no matting and with glass/plexiglass. $169.99

* #3: Toughest: Gloss paper with a layer of ultra-clear polyester protecting the print, mounted on 3/4”x16”x20” Gatorboard / Stand-out with brushed aluminum edges. Durable, commercial use grade and cleanable. $224.99

*#4: PDF or JPG file. This option allows you to print your chart whenever you want and wherever in the world you are. Unlimited printings, view on any screens. Delivery via email or Dropbox (a cloud site where files too big for email can be retrieved as a download). $149.99

*#5: Not showing is this: Any size printable, on paper, aluminum, canvass, other. Contact me for pricing. Perfect for an office, or showcase your chart/charts, composite, bi-wheel, natal, relationship, multiple individuals...

PLEASE NOTE: All orders filled in the order they are received. 2 days to 2 weeks to fulfill. You will receive an email, when it is ready to ship.

**** REQUIRED: Birth certificate information: Full name, Place and Time of Birth OR a highly reliable sources report, like your mother****. Birth time is usually the hardest without a birth certificate, but if you can get those details from your family, we encourage you to ask. HOW: Please email information to [email protected] or use CONTACT box under INFO menu at top of webpage and that get information to us.

Birth time, birth date, birth place / location - like a town or city.

Gary Alchemist

Color Palette-2 COMPREHENSIVE ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + 15 minutes CHAT TIME. Image 2
Color Pallete-1 ESSENTIALS ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report and more.
$49.99 - $189.99
Color Palette-2 ESENTIALS ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report and more
$49.99 - $189.99
Color Palette-1 COMPREHENSIVE ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + 15 minutes CHAT TIME.
$149.99 - $224.99
Color Palette-1 LITE VERSION ESSENTIALS ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + more.
$39.99 - $69.99
Color Pallete-2 LITE VERSION ESSENTIALS ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART + interpretation report + more.
$39.99 - $69.99
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