Image of CHAT / COUNSEL utilizing HUMANISTIC ASTROLOGICAL TOOLS / (Astrology readings)



“logic and intuition working together”

What can I do with a CHAT?
**Basic chart reading and introduction to Astrology.
**Advanced chart reading to address a focused interest of yours.
**Life coach bringing in Astrology perspectives (or not if you prefer).
**Relationship examinations and review, including Astrological reveals.
**Where to live from differing perspectives, including utilizing Astrocartography.
**Work and purpose in life examinations as revealed in your birth chart.
**What to focus on this year - solar return examination.
**What big issues might be arriving - examining the transits chart over your natal chart.
**You can let me be your Wendy Rhoades (from Billionaire)
**Research. You can ask me to research most anything.
Generally speaking you want usually a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes for a single session. More time = more depth and/or more breadth.

I am good at finding a perspective that serves you well, consulting about circumstances and issues in one's life and evaluating what to do and how to do something best, re-affirm what is important (me being your Wendy Rhoades). Call it Astrology as a guide in Life Coaching. I am good with probabilities, I trade Fx in the mornings. I am sensitive and aware about color and energy and psychology. I use those awareness-es, actually all my awareness, in CHATS and to make charts that convey information on several levels more than most available natal charts do. I love design. My intention is be of service and for you to leave with something that is useful for you.

Have you had an astrology reading and learned every little detail of what your birth chart suggests about you? My happiest role is to then help you integrate that information, your reactions and feelings, to help you have a meaningful life!

Stated another way: I wish to help you have - a good view of the forest that is you! I want you to see the forest and not just millions of trees and very little sky. Analysis needs summation and utilization, and chart analysis is typically so detailed it is typically overwhelming. I wish to take the overwhelming part away.

This is a conversational style session. I can create almost any kind of chart that may serve what you wish to accomplish in the session, if indeed charts are a good approach for your topic. Regarding the charts: it could be transits, composites, progressions, bi-wheel, solar returns, relocation and so on. Say we are discussing a location for work and we are looking at an astrocartography chart and you mention a possible work partnership. Now we can also look at a composite chart for that relationship, or a bi-wheel chart right as the conversation is happening. For video chats on Zoom or Hangouts I will be able to share screen so you can see what I can see on my computer if doing so is useful in our session.

Sessions are 45 minutes, in person, over the phone, via email, or using Zoom or Hangouts on a computer. 120 minutes is a maximum for any one session in one day as I believe overload is undesirable for either of us.

Please email us at to arrange time of appointment, ask questions, whatever could assist you in deciding to moving forward...or not...with me. On my website under INFO is CONTACT. You may use that also. Prior to our scheduled meeting I will email you a short questionnaire, and your answers will assist me in preparing for your session - so the CHAT has the best chance of being useful and informative to you.

Once you have paid for CHAT sessions of $239.92 (120 minutes) - I have a reduced rate of 25% discount for you for any further CHAT sessions of $22.50 per 15 minutes blocks you may wish. See the option ESTABLISHED or ONGOING CHAT SESSION 15 MINUTES. Please - this option is only for persons that have paid previously for CHAT ‘s of $232.92/120 minutes (can accumulate over time!)

In order to use Astrological charts during a session, if I have not done a birth chart for you previously, please provide your birth certificate information in full (full name, place and time of birth OR a highly reliable sources report, like your mother****. Birth time is usually the hardest without a birth certificate, but if you can get those details from your family, we encourage you to ask. HOW: please use the contact form to provide this information, or email us at

I will email you a short questionnaire prior to our session. This is for the purpose of helping me focus on getting you want you need, call it preparation.