More info on Charts / Birth Charts etc.

More info on Astrology Charts:

Your Astrology birth (ENERGY SIGNATURE) chart is made with 100% pure Astrology! There are NO fillers, no bling, no unrelated colors, no unrelated information.

These charts are:
Highly organized visual information
about you and your energy based on contemporary Astrological traditions.

These Astrology Birth (Energy Signature) Charts use Western Astrology, not Sidereal, not Vedic. Western Astrology is the most commonly practiced form of Astrology, particularly in the USA. House system is Placidus unless YOU specifically request another house system.
North node and Part of Fortune are included in drawing, and no Asteroids in the Comprehensive ES charts. Both Essentials versions of these charts can have asteroids Chiron and or Lilith included upon request.

Chart Features of the Comprehensive version:
>Dane Rudyar's (father of Humanistic Astrology) Sabian symbol for your Sun sign degree. If you have another source for your Sun's Sabian Symbol that you would prefer to use, I can accomodate your request.

>Primary wheel showing all your planets and points in the houses (pie shaped pieces). This wheel uses equal house format to focus on house placement of your planets.

>Bottom wheel showing your main aspects. This wheel shows the actual size of the individual houses - which vary particularly from latitude location of birth. Aspects are shown in easy to identify colors showing "hard" and "flowing" aspects.

>2 small wheels showing your collective elements and qualities; derived from the planets placement in the signs. Sun/Moon/Rising count is 2 each and all remaining "planets" are 1 each count).

>Sun Moon phase and implications.

>Chart ruler.

>Background influence.

>Everything is colored according to the sign energy connected with your Sun/Moon/Rising sign (your Astrological Big 3 or AstroTriplet). Look at the images of this version Energy Signature chart for examples.


Chart features of the Essentials version:

>Bold and vibrant display of your Astrological Triplet sign colors.

>Sun/Moon/Rising (Astrological Triplet) KEYWORDS FOR EACH.

>Aspects are shown in easy to identify colors showing "hard" and "flowing" aspects.

>Moon phase included.

>Elements and Qualities count (based on 1 for each "planet").


What are my power colors or sign colors according to Astrology?

There is no small amount of confusing and contradictory information about the colors associated with the signs and planets. Sagittarius Mercury with strong Uranus aspect Gary Alchemist here to give you my look at this.

3 Rules for the investigation into color sign associations:
1> Colors used have a long history of  being associated with the sign.
2> Each sign color is unique from the other sign colors.
3> Signs are part of a circle, a world of sorts, and I - and I hope we, want a world where there is predominately cooperation and harmony. Thus colors have to be harmonious with each other to reflect this.

Here it is, the 2 color palette wheels. Very powerful when looking at our charts using either of these paradigms!
Color Palette-1 is the original one used for a very long time. Color Palette-2 is the latest one offered.

Just so you know, the Energy Signature charts have 12 colors in combinations of 3 at a time. Therefore there are (12 to the third power) 1,728 different combinations. Reminder - some combinations are all just one color, some 2 colors, and many with 3 colors of the Astrological Triplet.

The Comprehensive version of a natal chart is not Astrology software generated charts that are simply printed - rather it is based upon a sophisticated generation of natal chart information that is brought into my design program. As I said,  
 >I do use Astrology software to generate your information, then I have a lot of work to do to collect additional information.
 >Using powerful graphic software, I create your individual chart's graphic file. Once all that is done,

 >I print the file using archival pigmented inks on high quality photo papers.


The Essentials charts are a combination of Astrology generated charts and powerful graphic software creating the final design.

My intent of my design has always been to:
1. To make these charts technically correct and useful,

2.  Aligned with traditions of Astrology in modern times,

3. Be presented and organized in a way that even a beginner can viscerally experience their own birth chart (enjoy and feel pride just looking at it),

4. Be a tool that assists you during times of change or need.

I have been making these for years and trust many more of you will see the awesomeness of the charts!

YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR COLORS.  The chart colors were set when you were born. Don’t worry, there are NO ugly charts! Depending on your chart you will have 3 main colors, some will only have 2 main colors, and a very few will have just one main color.
These main colors correspond to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs (your Astrological Triplet), which are what we most commonly ask each other about and are what have the largest influence in a chart.

Ordering the for FRAME version? Get a frame with a small "rabbit" that is only 1/4" wide, so  for a 16x20" frame, exposing 15.5”x19.5” of the print. Do not get a frame that does not show at least those dimensions. This is a common characteristic of many frames - having 1/4" rabbits/covering of underlying print per side.


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