About and More info about CHAT

For those of you already versed in Astrology, my Astrological credentials for CHAT sessions (and chart design) are: Mercury in Sagittarius in 5, Moon in Pisces, grand water trine with Sun-Moon-Saturn/Mars, Uranus in 11 aspecting Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. I completed course work for being an Astrologer with Jinni Meyer and Joanne Wickenburg, was a member of the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) for awhile, participated in the early parts of the formation of the Oregon Astrological Association, took workshops with Dane
Rudhyar, Dr Ziporiah Dobyns, Marc Edmund Jones, and many others I may eventually list here. I ran small groups for those interested to learn about themselves through Astrology in a group setting. And before Powell Bookstore became a national thing, I collected and read Astrology books to the tune of around 100+ books give or take (estimate). And I think relevant, I was raised by an Aquarius mother.

I have trained in Gestalt, Person Centered, Transactional Analysis, Reality, Group process, Rebirthing/Breath, Feeling - Primal, Psychodrama, Family Sculpting, Humanism, Play Therapy, Marriage and Family, Eclectic, and more modalities. I prefer a Jungian approach for the best use of Astrology. My commitment and intention has always been to find what will serve you in your path to being whole, fulfilled, happy and hopefully of benefit to the rest of the world.

For those of you that relate to MBTI (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, I am INFJ-A / Advocate. Here is a useful link if you would like to see more about my type: https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality

My background is Psychology and I have done graduate course work in counseling Psychology and Masters in Social Work. Additionally I worked at Oregon Children’s Services where I had the privilege to meet twice a month for over a year with Dr Reid Kimbal, M.D., psychiatrist and faculty member at Oregon Medical School. The time with Dr Kimbal was truly invaluable for work being a counselor.

Of further relevance and useful are my experiences being a CEO of 3 S corporations, one a national yoga supply company and one a production American crafts company that sold products all across America that I designed and created. These experiences have given me a lot of insight into  “life” from a leadership perspective and of course running businesses. 

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